Sunday, September 8, 2013

I almost died three times today...

Yes, it's true. I almost died three times today. 

My family and I decided to go on a hike this morning so we grabbed some water and the dog and set off to Buffalo Mountain. We decided to take a different route this time and we thought we'd be okay because the trails are marked there with paint on trees. So we take off and find our trail, following it across three rivers and uphill. Bigtime. This is the first time I almost died today: as we were hiking we came to a reeeeeeally steep part that was literally almost vertical (I may or may not be exaggerating on this one) and we looked at it and thought "Oh well, let's do it anyway." So we did. And on my way up I placed my foot in the wrong place and grabbed hold of the wrong plant, so I slid down the side of the mountain a bit before finally being stopped by a tree. And it hurt. 

Nonetheless we continued, and after a long time of not seeing blue marks on any of the surrounding trees my mom decided to send dad off to scout the area while we waited down a ways to see if he could see another way down, there was no way she'd willingly go through that again, backwards. After a long time he came back and said he didn't see anything so we were left with no other option but to go back the way we had come, and coincidentally its also the second time I almost died. I decided to go on my hands and feet, butt facing the floor because I felt a hell of a lot safer like that and I just couldn't stand without almost falling. Again I stepped and grabbed wrong when we were about halfway down and slid until I could stop myself, thankfully coming to a stop right before some poison ivy. Phew. (But when we finally reached the less trecherous part I still managed to slap my hand on a plant and get a really painful red blotch that hurt, itched, then disappeared. Weird.)

Once we made it down we went straight to the car, famished and pretty tired. I had some rocks or something in my shoe, and since we had already started driving back I opened the window and emptied my shoe out the side of the car, which brings me to the third time I almost died today. Once my shoe was safely on my foot again, I decided to see what the fuss about dogs and car windows was, so I stuck my head out the window. It felt pretty great although I couldn't keep my eyes open from the wind so I kept them closed. Too bad I fell asleep like that. Like I said to my friend later, I could've either hit my head on something, causing my head to crack or possibly fall off, or I could've even snapped my neck. And that would've sucked. 

((This is Literally My Life))

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